Who We Are


RajputShubhVivah.com is such a matrimonial website which is being run by the most prominent activist lady, Mrs. Ritaba B. Zala of Rajput samaj since 2005.

This is the first ever website being managed and organized by a Rajput lady. She has been running Sadbhavna Marriage Bureau since last 10 years, and Rajput Shubh Vivah is also a part of Sadbhavna Marriage Bureau.

Mrs. Ritaba Bahadursinh Zala is well known for her social activities since last 25 years in the city of Rajkot. In the year 2001, when Gujarat faced the disastrous earthquake, She was the first women of Rajput samaj, who visited Kutch in order to better understand the situation there. And showed a keen interest in understanding and solving the problems of poor Rajputs and their families.

Different Activity did by Mrs. Ritaba B. Zala :

  • To organize ‘Rajput Yuva Parichay Milan’
  • To organize Dandiya event for Rajput women on occasion of navratri.
  • To help poor and needy Rajput girls without any expectation to get benefit from them.
  • To fill up pension forms for widows to start for pension

Support :

  • Mrs. Ritaba Bahadursinh Zala 
    ( A leading leader of Rajput Samaj in Jamnagar and daughter of industrialist Late. Chandubha Jadeja, Momai Casting works)
  • Mr. Bahadursinh Pathuba Zala 
    ( He’s a Businessman and son of P.J.Zala who was superintendent of Rajkot Railway Station )
  • Mr. Pratiksinh Bahadursinh Zala 
    ( Angel Corporation,Rajkot )
  • Mr. Vishalsinh Dilipsinh Jadeja 
    ( Apex Engineers / Bapu’s shipping Agency,Gandhidham )
  • Mr. Kishorsinh Natubha Jadeja 
    ( Assistant Engineer in Doordarshan,Ahmedabad )